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Both the TK and K programs at SJNDS have been instrumental in our children's development and well-being. Knowing that the teachers and the school as a whole promote the same moral Christian values that our family relies on makes both my wife and I feel blessed to have our kids there. We are extremely proud to be a SJNDS family and look forward to having our two youngest daughters attend in the coming years.

The Mendozas

SJNDS Family

We chose SJNDS because we wanted the beliefs and values that we have at home to be reinforced at school along with stellar academics and a community of parents that are invested in their children's education. TK made the transition to Kindergarten seamless for my son because he was able to make friends with the same students that were moving onto Kindergarten, became familiar with the teachers and was prepared academically. The Kindergarten program is like a 'well-oiled machine'. The classroom schedule is very organized allowing the students to work in small groups. The student teacher ratio is excellent and my kids come home from school happy every day.

Kristie Chavez


The TK teachers at SJNDS are amazing! We like how the curriculum is structured and we can tell that our daughter has come a long way both socially and academically since she started at SJNDS. At home, she loves talking about her school activities, her teachers, and her friends. We are so thankful to have SJNDS as a wonderful second home to our daughter.

Paul Mejia


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