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St. John Notre Dame offers a STEM program in 1st - 8th grade students led by a dedicated teacher.  Students attend STEM class once a week and get grade appropriate instruction in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.SJND is blessed with two dedicated STEM Spaces. Elementary students primarily meet in the school STREAM Lab while Middle school students meet in the tech lab.  STEM class promotes project-based lessons that resemble critical thinking challenges students would face in real life outside the classroom. Students are introduced to and become familiar with various concepts including how to type, the engineering process, robots, coding, 3D printing, digital design, and digital citizenship.

Boys experimenting during STEM


During Catholic Schools Week, the eight grade class coordinates an afternoon of activities from the disciplines of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math for the rest of the school.  Kindergarten through 7th grade students rotate through various stations lead by teams of 8th graders.  Every year we highlight a religious theme like Sainthood (2023) and St. Julie Billiart and the sunflower (2024).