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We are very blessed at St. John Notre Dame to have a beautiful school library.  We are the only school in the diocese and in the area to have a library program staffed with a full time librarian. SJND has scheduled Library time for Grades 1-5, when the students come into the Library and choose their own books.  During this time the students and teacher engage in book discussions, read-alouds, and participate in book-inspired activities.  Our school library is open to the entire student body if they need to check out a book for free reading time or need a book for a research project.  Our library has a wide variety of books consisting of historical biographies, classical literature, fiction and nonfiction, and a dedicated Catholic faith section.

student in book fair

Our school library hosts a Fall and a Spring Book Fair where the students are invited to purchase books to fill their own personal libraries.These events are highly anticipated by the student body and their families! Here at St. John Notre Dame the students have a wonderful Library that encourages their love of reading.