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SJND participates in a SCRIP fundraising program to help raise additional money for our school.

Scrip generates over $80,000 each year in profit! Here’s how:
Scrip is a gift certificate used instead of cash or check to purchase merchandise at most grocery stores, restaurants, specialty shops, gasoline stations, home improvement and department stores and to pay on charge accounts at certain department stores.

The stores sell the Scrip to the school at a discount. By selling it to you at face value, Scrip costs you no additional money yet the school makes $2-10 on every $100 you purchase.

Every year the SCRIP program provides the school with additional funds that are used in a variety of ways to enrich the educational experience of our students. SCRIP is easy to participate in, raises much-needed monies for the school, and is not an additional expense for the participants.

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