Round Ups

Check out this unique way to help our parish and school. Round Ups! Here’s how round ups work - buy a cup of coffee for $2.49, the ‘round up’ to the next dollar ($3.00) is .51 cents. That $.51 is donated to the parish and school through a company called WeMicroGive. WeMicroGive has put together a web site specifically for our school and parish. Round ups work with all credit or debit cards with purchases from any merchant. Just designate a credit or debit card for “round up” transactions, and We Micro Give handles the rest using a secure encrypted system recognized by 9,000 financial institutions. Round ups are calculated daily, added up, then a single donation delivered at the end of the month. You have full control and can track your donations on a donor dashboard, set limits to your monthly contribution, give a fixed amount or stop at any time. To sign up or learn more go