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Middle School


The Middle School program at SJND is committed to further inspiring enthusiasm for learning, with a continued emphasis on faith formation and moral development. In our classrooms, we work to unveil communities in which all students feel accepted and respected. During this critical time of moral, physical, and social development, SJND provides a small, faith-filled community with strong collaboration between teachers and parents.  Because lifelong habits and personal identity are formed during these transformative years, we strive to help each student develop his/her skills and build the confidence and discipline to think independently and act responsibly.  We work to target moral development through a reflective discipline policy that emphasizes accountability.

The Middle School features a rigorous academic curriculum comprised of the core subjects: English/ language arts, math, science, social studies and religion.   Students are challenged to utilize reason, be objective and express themselves clearly in both speech and writing. They are actively encouraged to embrace new concepts and ideas, listen to others and think critically. These imperative skills will serve them well as they transition into high school and beyond.

Additionally, students participate in enrichment classes such as STEM, PE, and Art and attend diverse field trips that enrich relevant core concepts. SJND Middle School students are expected to be leaders with visible roles in Student Council, weekly liturgies and varied service projects.

Technology plays an integral role in our Middle School program.  SJND offers one-to-one technology, where each Middle School student has a dedicated Chromebook and access to iPads. These devices put innovative educational opportunities at the students' fingertips. Students not only learn advanced technological skills, as devices are fully integrated into classroom teaching and classwork, but they also learn responsibility in managing these valuable tools. Interactive whiteboards in classrooms further integrate teaching, technology and curriculum.

SJND Middle School faculty work tirelessly to stimulate the spirit of inquiry, the acquisition of knowledge, the development of faith, and the thoughtful synthesis of worthy goals in our students, preparing them well for high school and to become productive members of society. At SJND, students come to know, love and serve Christ in all that they do.

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