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Christianity without charity is false Christianity.

St. Augustine
Catholicism fundamentally encompasses two inseparable realities: love of God and love of neighbor. As St. Augustine once stated, “Christianity without charity is false Christianity.” Our Lord Jesus Christ modeled the harmony of this two-pronged love in His preaching and works. Consequently, an essential component of discipleship formation is the development of sensitivity and assistance to the needs of others, especially the poor. To help students mature in Christian living, St. John Notre Dame School provides them with charity outreach projects aimed at assisting the needy which they can participate in.
middle school students making sandwiches for a service project
Middle School Students at the Sacramento Food Bank

Examples of St John Notre Dame service projects include...
•  Serving meals to the poor at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes
•  Collecting and distributing food to those in need at Sacramento Friendship Park
•  Helping organize and pack food, goods, and supplies at the Sacramento Food Bank
•  Spending time with those living at local memory care loss centers
•  Collecting diapers for families at Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home
•  Collecting funds to support mothers and the unborn at the Sacramento Life Center