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Living Our Mission

St. John Notre Dame is a community in which clergy, faculty, staff, and parents work together to provide a well-rounded and joyfully Catholic education for each student. We recognize the importance for each student to live in accordance with the spiritual, moral, and ethical principles exemplified in the life of Christ and inspired by St. Julie Billiart and  the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

St. John Notre Dame emphasizes its role as a supplement to the Domestic Church which supports one another for the common good, the formation of disciples and the salvation of souls.  

We also cherish our role as a provider of thoughtful and imaginative lessons that offer excellence in education fully integrated with Christian Truth and beauty where each child can realize their full potential and humanity.  We are a reflection of the image and likeness of Christ where we conduct ourselves as disciples of Christ by living the Catholic faith and serving others through works of mercy.  We are proud to provide a safe and virtuous environment which creates a campus community where responsible citizenship and moral reasoning are reinforced by the acts of humility and charity.

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