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The SJND Kindergarten class is a full day Kindergarten with a full time lead Kindergarten teacher and part time assistant Kindergarten teacher, both credentialed. There are two instructional assistants during the core academic portion of the day and one assistant during the afternoon portion of the day.

Our philosophy is that children are individuals with differing learning styles who should be appreciated for their uniqueness in an atmosphere full of rich experiences. It is our responsibility as educators to support each child's development through active involvement in the learning process.

The Language Arts curriculum is child-centered and based on individual development accounting for differing learning styles and includes phonics, writing, reading, listening, and comprehension skills. We explore Mathematics using manipulatives, by playing games, and through experimentation. Additionally, the children have approximately 25 minutes each day of Choice or Center Time. Kindergarten should be a positive and challenging experience for your children. It is a place where they will feel comfortable and build self-esteem. After all, this is the starting point for their scholastic education, and it is very important that they feel confident with themselves and comfortable in their environment.

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