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General Donation

The TV show Cheers  had a popular theme song, ”Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” That describes SJND, where students, teachers, administrators, and parents come together as a community to nurture all our children. As one alumni put it - "I always thought it odd that my friends at high school didn’t know most of the kids in their elementary school. At SJND, we all knew everybody...

even their pets!"


It is rare to find and belong to an extended  community where “everybody knows your name”, and it is not by chance or luck that SJND thrives. It is through the hard work, prayers and financial commitment of parents, parishioners, alumni, community members, and patrons. If you would like to support our students with a general donation please mail a check to the school or click the button below.. And make sure you stop by, introduce yourself, and  become part of our community. You know our name; we would love to know yours.

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