Faculty & Support Staff

Fr. Renier Siva
Keith Martin
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Vice Principal
STREAM Director
Director of Student Life
Middle School History
EDP Director
Secretary /
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LaNette Guevara
Transitional Kindergarten
Whitney Hunt
Transitional Kinder Aide
Judy Hare
Transitional Kinder Aide
Fifth Grade Aide
Alix Kuzmich
Bridget Quiroz
Kindergarten Aide
Sarah Keshishian
Kindergarten Aide
Sonja Skupnjak
First Grade
Miriam Mendoza
First Grade Aide
Ann Vandenberg
Second Grade
Allie Hurtado
Second Grade Aide
Geraldine Tiglao
Second Grade Aide
Kendall Horton
Third Grade
Kate Jenkins
Third Grade Aide
Genevieve Williams
Fourth Grade
Kathy Baxter
Fourth Grade Aide
Campus Ministry
Kevin Stenvick
Fifth Grade
Assistant Athletic Director
Krista Pecha
Fifth Grade Aide
Katie Johnson
Sixth Grade
Middle School Math
Debbie Hurtado
Seventh Grade
Middle School Math
Stephanie Shebert
Eighth Grade
Middle School English Language Arts
Lili Rehwald
Middle School Religion
Austin Otto
Middle School Math
Assistant Technology Director
Marquese Smith
Physical Education
(TK through 8th)
Athletic Director
Joe Terranova
Middle School Science
Luly Smith
Spanish (1st thru 8th)
Joele King
Art (1st - 8th)
Joe Portelli
MTSS, Primary School Director
Reading (1st thru 3rd)
Tyler Crandall
Counselor, E.A.S.
MTSS Reading (4th and 5th)
Cheryl Garcia
MTSS Math (1st thru 5th)
Alyssa Balga
MTSS Reading (4th and 5th)
Sharon Penrose
Advancement Director
Felicia Heiler
Technology Director
Diane George
Math (4th and 5th)
Lea Guevara
EDP Staff
Margie Keshishian
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SJND School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

309 Montrose Drive,

Folsom, CA  95630

Principal:  Keith Martin

Main Office:  916-985-4129

Extended Day Program:  916-985-4548

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