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Dear Friends,

There are two very important aspects of our work of formation at St. John Notre Dame: Truth and Love.  Formation is one of the words we frequently use at St. John Notre Dame.  In order to properly form young men and women, we have to have a clear idea of what the end of formation looks like, what our program of formation is trying to accomplish.  We form our students’ minds to know the Truth, and their wills to love the Good.

At St. John Notre Dame, we do not simply wish to inform our students.  In other words, we do not seek only to fill our students’ minds with knowledge of facts.  Rather, what we seek is to draw the students through the things they learn into an encounter with Truth, with the One Who is True, the Author of Truth, Jesus Christ.  For education to be complete, our knowledge of things must lead to the meaning behind those things and ultimately to their Creator.  The goal of true education, then, is to be drawn into relationship with God, Who created the world and gave it meaning.  This is the central aspect of the mission of St. John Notre Dame - to draw students through their understanding of the created world into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, through Whom and for Whom all was created.

St. John Notre Dame forms young men and women to love the Good, which they encounter in their search for Truth.  These two aspects are closely related; love is the appropriate response to Truth and, therefore, authentic love always remains grounded in Truth.  Authentic intellectual inquiry, formation in the Truth, leads us to the fundamental truth of God’s love for us and the invitation into a relationship to love God and others.  At St. John Notre Dame, we teach through action that we cannot separate our love for God from our love for our neighbor.  Authentic virtue formation leads us not only to religious devotion, but also to lives of charity, to the service of both God and neighbor. Our students annually participate in service projects. This experience not only develops important problem solving and leadership skills, but it helps students look beyond themselves and into the hearts of others with Christ-like compassion.

Finally, our vocation to charity brings us back again to the question of truth. Our discovery of Truth calls us to Love, but real love must be grounded in Truth to be fruitful.  This is why Truth and Love are at the heart of St. John Notre Dame School and form the core of our mission.

Yours in Notre Dame,

Principal Keith Martin, M.Ed.
St. John Notre Dame 

SJND School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

309 Montrose Drive,

Folsom, CA  95630

Principal:  Keith Martin

Main Office:  916-985-4129

Extended Day Program:  916-985-4548

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