Annual Fund - Going Beyond

St. John Notre Dame students learn to experience God’s grace and presence in their lives through their relationships with family, friends and teachers. The loving and supportive relationships they experience are reflections of the love and life-giving dynamic of the Trinity. As a community, we celebrate our successes and achievements. We share grief and downfalls. We unite together in solidarity, and even challenge each other to become better reflections of the divine. We are made for community.
St. John Notre Dame School takes tremendous pride in the quality of the faith-filled education that we provide to our children. Our community understands that a quality Catholic education "effectively prepares students for life in today's Church and society. Catholic schools instill in children and young people indispensable discipline of mind and heart. They have a highly positive impact on adult religious behavior." - Teach Them!  §11 
Each year, our Annual Fund raises monies for the ever changing needs of providing a 21st Century Catholic education to our children. Tuition alone does not come close to covering this cost. Facilities need to be upgraded, new technology is constantly needed to improve and drive instruction and our accomplished teaching faculty needs to be retained. None of this can be achieved without the financial support of our parents, grandparents, alumni and donors. Let's remember that "it is essential that every possible effort be made to ensure that Catholic schools, despite financial difficulties, continue to provide a quality authentic Catholic education for local communities." - Eccleisa in America §71

For 2017, we are aiming to generate $40,000 to address various needs at St. John Notre Dame School. First and foremost, additional funds are needed to support the teaching staff. To ensure a student-centered approach to teaching, we need accomplished and qualified teachers. We are lucky to have such teachers at St. John Notre Dame School. We need your help to retain the largest teaching faculty for a parochial school in the Diocese of Sacramento. Nearly 80% of the school's operating budget ensures that teachers will be paid their salaries in full. We can not do this without your financial help. 
Annually, St. John Notre Dame School's Technology Department requires an additional $15,000 to meet the instructional needs of our students. These include new iPads, chromebooks, applications, projectors, upgraded broadband wifi and much more. As we continue to unveil STREAM, Next Generation Science and Engineering Standards, coding, blended learning and robotics, new technologies will be needed to replace the old.
Finally, our campus is in need of some necessary improvements. Addressing our aging campus is a priority. We have been blessed with the addition of a new science lab, gym and field, but the rest of the campus is in need of some updating. The garage, which stores all of our school's extra furniture, is in need of a new roof, the campus is in need of new paint, air conditioning units need repairs and our cinderblock walls need to be re-sealed. 
With your help, we can ensure that St. John Notre Dame School can meet the needs of St. John the Baptist Parish and the greater Folsom community today and tomorrow. We can only achieve this goal by working and serving together. 
Today. Tomorrow. Together. For Christ. 
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Yours in Notre Dame,
Mr. Keith Martin, M.Ed.
St. John Notre Dame School