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Catholic Identity

An authentic Catholic education of a student is ordered towards their happiness.  True happiness is achieved when a student knows who they are and achieves the end for which they exist.  St. John Notre Dame School is dedicated to forming student disciples to understand themselves, the world around them and to respond to the voice of God Who created them and calls them to Himself. This nature and purpose of a student’s life must be the foundation of their education. 

A Catholic education is thereby dedicated in its method, content, and structure to respect and nurture this humanity, to awaken a love for Truth, to desire to experience clarity, and to persevere in seeking knowledge and understanding. The learning environment, while promoting these habits of mind, is also enriched with the profound Catholic understanding of reality, inspiration from a rich cultural heritage of faithfulness and beauty, and sacramental grace which together form a child’s conscience, virtue, and prayer.

The learning environment at St. John Notre Dame therefore: 

1 - Attends to the integral formation of the human person – body, mind, and spirit in the dignity of being created in the image and likeness of God.

2 - Seeks to understand objective reality and to recognize the Good, True and Beautiful as revelations of reality’s origin and end in God.

3 - Attains a synthesis of faith, life, and culture incorporating the student into Christ and His Holy Catholic Church.